How To Remove Wax From Our Wax Cups

 To use our wax cups please follow the guidelines set out below:

  • Remove the Lid: Start by taking off the lid from the wax cup.

  • Turn Cup Upside Down: Flip the cup upside down, placing it on a hard surface.

  • Press Down in the Centre: Apply pressure in the centre of the bottom of the cup.

  • Listen for the Pop: Listen for a popping sound, which indicates that the wax has released.

  • Place in Burner: Once the wax is released, it's ready to be placed in your burner.

  • Use the Right Amount: Be cautious about the amount of wax you use based on your burner type.

  • Adjust for Burner Size: If using a small dish, use a smaller amount of wax to avoid over-spill.

These steps should help you effectively remove the wax from the cup and prepare it for use in your burner. Remember to follow safety guidelines and instructions for your specific wax and burner type.