Sweet & Foody Wax Melt Bundle

Sweet & Foody Wax Melt Bundle

Sweet & Foody Wax Melt Bundle

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Introducing our Sweet & Foody Fragrance Extravaganza – a delightful assortment of our most beloved scents, all conveniently bundled together for your aromatic pleasure.

Bundle Includes:

Cherry & Vanilla Indulge in the heavenly aroma of cherry pie and a generous dollop of vanilla ice cream. The cherries burst with their natural sweetness as they bake, filling the room with their tantalizing scent. Meanwhile, the vanilla ice cream, with its creamy richness, adds an extra layer of aroma that's both comforting and inviting. Together, they create an ambiance that's a feast for your nose!

Bakewell Tart - Embark on a sensory adventure with the alluring fragrance of our Bakewell tart-inspired fragrance. The aroma begins with the juicy allure of cherries, raspberries, and strawberries, skilfully combined into a mouth watering puree that fills the air with fruity splendour. As you inhale deeply, the sweet embrace of fondant icing envelops your senses, adding an elegant sweetness to the fragrance. Completing this aromatic journey is the comforting base note of vanilla almond cake, making this fragrance an irresistible ode to the world of sweet indulgence.

Bubblegum A sensory delight awaits with a sumptuous fusion of berry fruits, exotic pineapple, tangy orange, ripe grape, succulent pear, and zesty mandarin. Beneath these delectable top notes, subtle phenolic and gum undertones add an intriguing layer of complexity to this rich and harmonious fragrance.

Cinnamon Kissed Apples Experience the captivating scent of sweetness with a twist—a medley of ripe, juicy apples intertwined with the inviting warmth of spiced cinnamon. Subtle hints of caramel waft through the air, evoking images of freshly baked pastries straight from the oven. The fragrance culminates in a creamy, comforting embrace of vanilla, leaving your senses enchanted.

Cherry Slushie - Imagine a fragrance that captures the essence of a frozen delight, one that's both robust and sweet. This scent embodies the perfect balance of strength and sugary allure. It's a captivating blend that's reminiscent of biting into a luscious, tangy cherry, a sensation that will undoubtedly win over hearts.

Pear Drops - A nostalgic aroma reminiscent of sugary treats, infused with revitalizing hints of freshness and sweetness.

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To use our Wax Melts:

Step 1: Before enjoying our wax melts, it's crucial to set the stage for the best experience:

  1. Ensure a Clean Wax Burner: Verify that your wax burner is clean and in impeccable working condition.
  2. Tealight Burner Tip: If you're using a tealight burner, always opt for high-quality 4-hour tealights. Our top recommendation is the Bolsius brand, readily available online. These tealights consistently outperform other brands in our testing.
  3. Electric Burner Requirements: For electric burners, make sure the bulb you're using has a minimum wattage of 40W. Insufficient wattage won't heat the wax adequately to unleash our captivating scents.
  4. Please be aware that numerous wax sellers provide specialised wax burners under their own brand. These burners are specifically crafted to function with their unique wax formulations. Utilising these burners to melt our wax may yield minimal to no scent dispersion, as these devices may not reach the necessary temperature to unleash the full fragrance of our wax.
  5. Guard Against Drafts: Position your burner away from any drafts and close windows and doors. This step is essential to prevent the loss of our enchanting fragrances.

By following these steps, you'll be on your way to a delightful wax melt experience!

Step 2: Snap! One or two pieces of wax from your bar, this can be adjusted to the size of your dish & the strength of scent throw you want to achieve in your room.

Step 3: Embrace the Aromas – Kick back, relax, and savour our delightful fragrances!

Step 4: Time To Change: After savouring your favourite fragrance, it's time to switch out your wax. Just soak up the used wax with cotton wool balls, give it a quick wipe, and throw away.

For a happy melting experience we also recommend the following :

Please note that all our products come with allergen labels, so it's important to read them before use to ensure they are suitable for you. Additionally, a few important reminders:

  1. 8-hour tealights are designed for tealight holders, not burners.
  2. Ensure your burner is placed in a safe location when in use.
  3. Keep wax away from children and pets, as well as direct light and heat sources.
  4. Avoid using sharp objects to remove wax to prevent damage to your burner and potential injury.
  5. Do not use any chemicals or cleaning products on your burner.
  6. When used correctly, one segment of wax from our bars will typically last 2-3 tealights or 8-12 hours in an electric burner.

Following these guidelines will ensure a pleasant melting experience. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact us via our company email address - support@scentsatno3.co.uk.

You can also find more information in the customer care section of our website:https://www.scentsatno3.co.uk/pages/contact-page.

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From our customers


by far the BEST wax melts I've bought.. and I've tried a fair few other companies. scents are strong and long lasting. I could smell my last order before I opened the box...amazing quality great scents and service, great company..

Hannah Louise
Facebook Review

Absolutely fantastic, powerful Melts... after being a Yankee fan for years, these have me converted ! Visited the shop today, and met the lovely lady behind the company! Absolutely brilliant, friendly and knowledgeable!

Can't wait to visit again!

Justin Davies
Facebook Review

I used to get from Scentsy but their wax melts are starting to get expensive. I was seeing ads come up on my fb from Scents @ No 3 and thought I would give them a try. This company did not disappoint. Cheap and cheerful. Smells are absolutely amazing and long lasting. Will definitely be ordering again.

Zoey McMenamin
Facebook Review


Yes, we make a conscious effort where practical to ensure all of our packaging is recyclable.

We all love our pets & want to keep them safe around the home

Using our products is no different to using other everyday scented products around the home & should always be used with caution

Our products are made using synthetic fragrance oils instead of essential oils, It is generally essential oils that are toxic to pets, although as you are aware, pets can develop allergic reactions to anything just as humans can

Should your pet have a known sensitivity/allergy to scented products, you should avoid them completely, whether made of essential oils or synthetic oils

If your pet does develop any sensitivities while using our products, discontinue using & seek advice from a vet

** Please note this advice does NOT apply to birds & very small animals, scented products should NEVER be used around these types of pets due to their very small respiratory systems & sensitivities

Pet Safe Tips:

If using melts place your melter away from pets when in use, remember cats like to climb & could easily knock your melter over.

Always store our products away from pets.


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