Let's Talk Strength of Scents !!

One question which crops up daily is "which of your scents are the strongest" ?  In this blog we aim to try & help with this:

Scent can be very subjective & really does vary person to person, we know from our personal experience & from feedback from customers what one person can determine a strong scent others may not & visa versa.

We make our products using the highest % of oil our wax will hold, it is not a case of adding more & more oil to make them stronger there is a science in the making of our products & legal guidelines we have to follow.

Please refer to our blog regarding warmers this really does have a big impact in the scent throw you will achieve from our products

Although we know the interpretation of scent does vary below we have listed 10 scents we receive regular feedback on for their strength of throw:

* Black Cherry

* Snow Fairy

* Sparkling Lemon

* Plum & Rhubarb

* Banana Milkshake

* Lemon & Lavender

* White Dove

* Alienz

* Unstoppable Blue Fresh

* Blueberry & Vanilla

You can also check out our reviews & Facebook page for customer feedback & their experience using our products.