Our Story

Scents@No3 - Our Journey

I had completed 18 months of Cancer treatment & was looking for a new focus, Aiden was at college studying Digital Marketing & Business studies.

We decided to set up a small online business selling home decor items & gifts, we also purchased Wax Melts wholesale to sell & soon realised home fragrance was the direction we wanted to go in, we understood that to be successful we needed to create home fragrance  products that gave value for money for the consumer but delivered outstanding results

Days & weeks became filled with research & reading, there was so much to learn if we were going to do this properly.

The day arrived & our first small bag of wax arrived, a selection of oils & some very basic equipment including a double boiler which we used on our stove for melting the wax

The testing stage started, we trialled sooooo many different waxes, temperatures, oils, suppliers, it was hard work but we kept on at it

Months down the road when we were happy with our products Aiden designed a website & before we knew it we were live, we sat anxiously waiting for the first ping on our phones, it was scary, were we good enough to succeed in this already saturated market, would customers like our brand & products??

Then ping a sale & another ….. We were so proud taking our first orders to the Post Office, the reviews started to come in & we were so overcome with emotion, Wow people were liking the wax products we made in our kitchen

Before we knew it our little business had taken over our home, the discussion was had to look for a workshop, the van was soon being loaded & off we went key in hand to our very own workshop, mother & son growing our wax business together, the days were long but I’m a big believer in you only get out of life what you put into it & that’s what we did, the workshop became our new home, early starts & late nights became the new norm for us, day by day the orders were increasing & so were the positive reviews & feedback we were receiving

The business grew quicker than what we could ever had imagined & we were soon struggling to manage everything with just the two of us, that's when my husband Steve started to come & help us of an evening after he finished his full time day job.  

January 2021 after a long discussion we decided that Steve would leave his job of 18 years & come & join us full time, this was probably one of the scariest moments during our journey as our safety net had gone, this business had to work it was now our only income.

You carried on loving our products & before we knew it yes you guessed it we had out grown our workshop, we needed more room & that’s when we went to view No3 Mosses Gate, it was a sign, our house number is 3 & is why we have it in our business name, that’s where our journey started & to have a workshop with the same number felt like it was there waiting for us

The van was packed new key in hand & we were off again, that’s when Cheyanne Aiden's girlfriend joined us, working days around her university studies

August 2023

With over 70k customers, Royal Mail collections 3 times a day & the 3 of us our business is looking very different to when we first started.

Our products are hand poured by Steve at No3 Mosses Gate workshop

Cheyanne now works in production with Steve

Our website & marketing is managed by Aiden

Myself, I oversee all aspects of the business - every day is different helping with orders, creating new products & chatting to you guys on email & messenger, loving every second of my new life!!

Thank you for taking the time to read our story, most importantly thank you for being part of our journey, we look forward to continuing our wax journey with you!!


We would make all of our products at home in our kitchen, then take them to our spare bedroom where orders were packed and shipped.


We made the decision to move into a small workshop


2021 we moved into a bigger unit, over 3x bigger then our previous.