Let's Talk Scent Throw & Set Up's!!

There are many factors that can determine the quality of scent throw you can achieve from our wax; in this blog we aim to help you achieve the best melting experience from our products:

Tealight Burner:

When using a tealight burner we recommend to always use a good quality tea light, we know from personal experience & from messages from customers it's easy to choose large bags at a cheap price however if you are looking to achieve the the best throw from your purchases it is always best to choose quality over price, you will be surprised at the difference this will make to the scent throw!!

Always use a 4-hour tealight, larger tealights will burn the fragrance off too quick & you will be left with just burning wax, larger tea lights can also be a fire hazard as the burner can become too hot & form cracks causing the wax to drip onto the tea light.

Use the right size burner, smaller burners will result in the fragrance burning off too quickly & again can pose a fire risk as the burner will become too hot too quick.

Electric Burners:

Electric Burners are a great alternative if you are concerned over an open flame in your home, they are very appealing to busy households as they can be used without the worry of needing to overly supervise while in use.

When choosing your your warmer we recommend a 40 watt bulb, anything less than this can result in our wax not releasing the fragrance to fill your room with our amazing scents.

Choosing a Wax Burner for your home will always be personal preference & chosen to suit your lifestyle, we hope by using our recommendations above you will be able to achieve the best results from our wax & enjoy the amazing scents from our collections.

Your Burner Electric or Tealight should always be used in a safe environment out of the reach of children & pets.

Place your Burner away from drafts & open windows you don't want to lose any of our amazing scents!!

Consider the size of your room when choosing how much wax to melt, you may need to use more in a large open plan room to achieve the best scent throw around your home.