Blooming Fresh Odour Eliminator Spray

Blooming Fresh Odour Eliminator Spray

Blooming Fresh Odour Eliminator Spray

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Inspired by fabulous cleaning products, a rejuvenating floral fragrance unfolds with initial notes of green apple tree, sweet orange, and lavender, transitioning into a floral heart of rose, jasmine, honeysuckle, and violet, supported by a foundation of precious woods, vanilla, amber, and musk.

Tailored for your home's odour needs, our Odour Eliminator Spray is designed to eliminate unpleasant scents at their source, going beyond mere masking. The active ingredients work at a molecular level, binding to odours and eradicating them completely. What remains is the delightful fragrance of your preference, leaving your space fresh and inviting.

Eradicates Odour-Causing Bacteria

Incorporates Neutrahaze technology for odour elimination. Neutrahaze products function by attaching to molecules that produce odours, preventing the release of these smells into the air. They are tailored for use in areas where odours originate. Neutrahaze is capable of neutralizing any scent it encounters.

Delivers professional-strength effectiveness Safe for application on both hard and soft surfaces Leaves your home, car, bedding, shoes, bags, and difficult-to-clean surfaces with a refreshing, clean, and delightful fragrance.

Usage Guidelines:

Follow these instructions to apply the product effectively:

Ensure thorough shaking of the bottle before use.

Keep the bottle upright and apply the spray to the fabric or air in a sweeping motion, maintaining a distance of 6-8 inches.

For optimal results, spray the affected area until it is lightly damp, avoiding excessive saturation. Allow the treated area to dry completely.

Our Odour Eliminator Spray is suitable for a range of fabrics and surfaces such as carpets, curtains, and furniture. Additionally, it is effective in refreshing the air within a room. Make sure to carefully review the label and adhere to any extra instructions and precautions provided.

To Ensure Optimal Safety: 

Refrain from allowing your pets on surfaces until they are completely dry to the touch. Although it won't harm them if they accidentally lie down on a wet surface, it's advisable to keep them off until the surface is dry.

If you have birds, it's crucial to remove them from the room when using air care products. Birds have smaller lungs and respiratory systems that are more sensitive than those of dogs, cats, or humans, making them particularly susceptible to such products.

Exercise caution when using air care products around open fish tanks or aquatic companions. Fish and other water-dwelling creatures are highly sensitive to changes in their water conditions, so it's essential to avoid spraying near their living spaces.

  • Made from Pink PET Plastic
  • 100% recyclable
  • 250ml Bottle

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From our customers


by far the BEST wax melts I've bought.. and I've tried a fair few other companies. scents are strong and long lasting. I could smell my last order before I opened the box...amazing quality great scents and service, great company..

Hannah Louise
Facebook Review

Absolutely fantastic, powerful Melts... after being a Yankee fan for years, these have me converted ! Visited the shop today, and met the lovely lady behind the company! Absolutely brilliant, friendly and knowledgeable!

Can't wait to visit again!

Justin Davies
Facebook Review

I used to get from Scentsy but their wax melts are starting to get expensive. I was seeing ads come up on my fb from Scents @ No 3 and thought I would give them a try. This company did not disappoint. Cheap and cheerful. Smells are absolutely amazing and long lasting. Will definitely be ordering again.

Zoey McMenamin
Facebook Review
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