Soap & Glory Pink Wax Cup

Soap & Glory Pink Wax Cup
Soap & Glory Pink Wax Cup

Soap & Glory Pink Wax Cup

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If you're a fan of Soap & Glory's Pink Original fragrance, you'll fall in love with this reminiscent aroma. It channels the same nostalgic essence, letting you relive the moments when Pink Original first enchanted your senses. Close your eyes, inhale deeply, and let the memories come flooding back as this fragrance fills the air.

Introducing our Eco-Friendly 20g Wax Cups.

Biodegradable and Eco-Friendly: Our cups are crafted from cornstarch, these cups completely break down, contributing to waste reduction and supporting environmental sustainability.

 To use our wax cups please follow the guidelines set out below:

  • Remove the Lid: Start by taking off the lid from the wax cup.
  • Turn Cup Upside Down: Flip the cup upside down, placing it on a hard surface.
  • Press Down in the Centre: Apply pressure in the centre of the bottom of the cup.
  • Listen for the Pop: Listen for a popping sound, which indicates that the wax has released.
  • Place in Burner: Once the wax is released, it's ready to be placed in your burner.
  • Use the Right Amount: Be cautious about the amount of wax you use based on your burner type.
  • Adjust for Burner Size: If using a small dish, use a smaller amount of wax to avoid over-spill.

These steps should help you effectively remove the wax from the cup and prepare it for use in your burner. Remember to follow safety guidelines and instructions for your specific wax and burner type.

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From our customers


by far the BEST wax melts I've bought.. and I've tried a fair few other companies. scents are strong and long lasting. I could smell my last order before I opened the box...amazing quality great scents and service, great company..

Hannah Louise
Facebook Review

Absolutely fantastic, powerful Melts... after being a Yankee fan for years, these have me converted ! Visited the shop today, and met the lovely lady behind the company! Absolutely brilliant, friendly and knowledgeable!

Can't wait to visit again!

Justin Davies
Facebook Review

I used to get from Scentsy but their wax melts are starting to get expensive. I was seeing ads come up on my fb from Scents @ No 3 and thought I would give them a try. This company did not disappoint. Cheap and cheerful. Smells are absolutely amazing and long lasting. Will definitely be ordering again.

Zoey McMenamin
Facebook Review


Yes, we make a conscious effort where practical to ensure all of our packaging is recyclable.

We all love our pets & want to keep them safe around the home

Using our products is no different to using other everyday scented products around the home & should always be used with caution

Our products are made using synthetic fragrance oils instead of essential oils, It is generally essential oils that are toxic to pets, although as you are aware, pets can develop allergic reactions to anything just as humans can

Should your pet have a known sensitivity/allergy to scented products, you should avoid them completely, whether made of essential oils or synthetic oils

If your pet does develop any sensitivities while using our products, discontinue using & seek advice from a vet

** Please note this advice does NOT apply to birds & very small animals, scented products should NEVER be used around these types of pets due to their very small respiratory systems & sensitivities

Pet Safe Tips:

If using melts place your melter away from pets when in use, remember cats like to climb & could easily knock your melter over.

Always store our products away from pets.


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