8 Hour Tealights Big No No Here's Why ........

As with any reputable wax melt maker/retailer we only advise 4 hour tea lights when using a Tealight Wax Burner, here's why NOT to use 8 hour tea lights:

* 8 hour tea lights are intended for tea light holders NOT Wax Burners

* They give off too much heat, boiling your wax instead of melting it which results in the intense heat burning off the fragrance oil from your wax leaving you with just melting wax

* They pose a fire risk in your home & can make hairline cracks in your dish causing wax to drip onto the naked flame

* By using 8 hour tealights you are also wasting your money, you will need to replace your wax more often costing you more in the long run, you will need to purchase melts more often

We can't advise you enough how important it is when using tea light melters in your home to do so safely with the correct set up, remember you are using a naked flame in your home

How To Safely Use A Tealight Wax Burner

Check that you are using a Wax Burner not a tiny oil burner

* Only use 4 hour tealights

* Consider the positioning of your Wax Burner, could it get easily knocked over where it is positioned, is there anything that could fall onto it, is it away from drafts & direct sunlight ??

* When extinguishing your tealight make sure it is fully out

* Do not replace the tealight straight away with another one when it has finished this would be the same as using an 8 hour tealight

* Always inspect your Wax Burner before use for debris underneath the dish & general wear & tear

* Never leave your Wax Burner unattended when in use

If you are at all unsure that you are using a safe set up, we are always just an email away to offer help & advice for safe melting:

Contact us at:   support@scentsatno3.co.uk