Pet Friendly....

We all love our pets & want to keep them safe around the home

One question we often get asked is “are your products safe to use around pets?”

Using our products is no different to using other everyday scented products around the home & should always be used with caution

Our products are made using synthetic fragrance oils instead of essential oils, It is generally essential oils that are toxic to pets, although as you are aware, pets can develop allergic reactions to anything just as humans can

Should your pet have a known sensitivity/allergy to scented products, you should avoid them completely, whether made of essential oils or synthetic oils

If your pet does develop any sensitivities while using our products, discontinue using & seek advice from a vet

All our products are sold with CLP labels which contains allergen information, we can provide this before purchase, simply email

** Please note this advice does NOT apply to birds & very small animals, scented products should NEVER be used around these types of pets due to their very small respiratory systems & sensitivities

Pet Safe Tips:

If using melts place your melter away from pets when in use, remember cats like to climb & could easily knock your melter over.

Always store our products away from pets.