Temperature & Environmental Changes Which Will Affect The Scent Throw From Your Melts

Below we will explain the science behind how we perceive smells throughout the year, seasonal & environmental changes will impact your sense of smell & how scents are perceived.

Autumn/Winter - Homes are generally warm & cosy when we are home relaxing, windows & doors are closed & we have heating systems on, warm air is not as dense as cold air which results in molecules having more room to move around in, this means they can move faster making them more available for noses to pick up scent from the wax.

Spring/Summer - In warmer air the same science is applied as in cooler months when homes are heated & cosy. You may therefore ask why in warmer months am I not smelling the scent coming through from my wax?

This is an easy one to answer, you feel hot & that's when windows & doors are opened to try & create a cooler atmosphere, this will then create dense air making it hard for scent molecules to travel in & noses to pick up the scent, even in warmer months if you want the best results from your wax keep the room it is being melted in warm.

  • The colder the air is the fewer scents you can perceive
  • Scents do not travel as far in cold air as they do in warmer temperatures
  • You will perceive less smells in cooler air because the receptors and vessels within the nasal passage are constricted, they bury themselves deeper in the colder months, a natural bodily function to protect us against cold/dry air

So What Does All This Mean?

Wax melts need a warm environment for you to perceive the scent in, if you are not smelling your melts the same as previous purchases it could be that they are being melted at a different time of year or a different home environment, try warming your room, close any open windows/doors, create warmer air for the molecules to travel through, always remember fragrance needs warmth for you to smell it!